I Don't Have Time To Be In Love

I Don't Have Time To Be In Love


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  Steve Jobs told his biographer in 2011 that Apple had finally cracked a winning later, his successor Tim Cook is still trying to win a place in his customers living rooms

  For more than a decade, Apple has toyed with the idea of making its own television sets and pitched cable companies on various kinds of software integrations and bundled services

  Now, after several false starts, Apple isready to unveil its latest vision for TV, with an event at its Cupertino headquarters next week titled It show time Rafay SIDDIQUI.

  Mr Cook latest bet is that an acceleration in cord-cutting and the proliferation of streaming services has created a new role for Apple as aggregator. Apple wants to reinvent the TV guide with a personalised slate of programming drawn from a wide range of sources, including a few shows of its own

  Even getting as far as launching a new service is something of an achievement for Apple. Unlike the music and telecoms industries, which have been forced to cede control to Apple through the ipod and iphone eras, pay-TV operators have proven able to cling on to their direct relationship with customers

  Instead of trying to reorient the TV experience around an iphone-like grid of apps from the likes of Netflix, Disney or HBO, Apple new TV platform is likely to put the focus on individual shows

  Its existing TV app, which is already available on iphones and ipads as well as the Apple TV box itself, is designed around each individual viewer favourite series, with personalised recommendations for other TV and movies drawn from a wide range of providers

  Until now, however, shows from key providers such as Netflix have been absent from Apple TV guide

  With Hollywood still on the fence about teaming with the iphone maker, Apple embarked on a radical change in its television strategy two years ago. Ithired two well-regarded executives, Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, from Sony pictures TV. Armed with a billion-dollar budget, they began to commission its own original TV shows and now has more than 30 series in the works from big-name talents including Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg

  Apple just needs one those original shows to become a hit perhaps its new drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, a sci-fi epic based on Isaac AsimovFoundation novels, or a mystery thriller fromSixth Sense director M Night Shyamalan to pull in viewers to its TV app

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